We have 40 Xbox 360s, 4 Xbox Ones, 12 PCs and all of the latest hit games. Use our Xbox Live Gold account or you can bring your own and take the fight online. Win the latency war with our high speed Internet provided by Comcast. Play in comfort all day in our American Chiropractor approved leather chairs.

Drinks and Snacks

Stay alert with Monster, NOS, and Amp energy drinks. We also have Mountain Dew, water, and other soft drinks to quench your thirst. We also have plenty of snacks to recharge on between matches. With classic favorites like Snickers and Milky Way bars to Cup Cakes, Honey Buns and chips, you can stay energized and play longer.

Price Guide

Reusable Passes

Buy a bank of time that you can draw from any time you visit our LAN center.

Hours Price
1 $3.00
4 $10.00

All Day Passes

Play from the time our LAN center opens until it closes for a flat fee.


Birthday Parties

$9.00 per person, includes 3 hours of game time and reserved seating. Please call to book in advance.