LAN Center

Gamescape is an Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC game center in Tallahassee, FL. Gamers of all ages are welcomed to meet up in our safe, fun, and friendly atmosphere.

Multiplayer is better with friends! Bring them with you or team up with other guests in match-up challenges and tournaments. All of our systems are networked with high speed Internet access. We also have in-house Xbox Live Gold accounts, so you can play online with your friends even if you don't have your own.

Ever notice how birthday parties and celebrations tend to end up with guests crowding onto the family couch to play split screen on the same console with everyone taking turns? We did too! At Gamescape, each guest can play their favorite games on our individual high definition displays and top quality headsets from the comfort of our high-back chairs.

Trading Card Games

We are the Capital City's trading card game headquarters. We carry Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! We know how important your trading card game collection is to you. That's why we provide a large selection of colors and styles of the highest quality card sleeves, deck boxes, play mats, and binders. We have 30 tournament tables available which seats up to 180 players comfortably for our competitive and casual events


We provide reliable Voice Over IP service at an affordable price as an officially licensed Ventrilo hosting provider. This technology makes it possible to hear and talk with people from around the world using any internet service. Take your MMO guild or arena team to the next level as you coordinate raids, combat, and in-game events more effectively and in real-time!

Our data center has multiple redundant gateways to the Internet and is housed in a secure, fire and hurricane resistant facility with more than two weeks of redundant power backup! We also have live tech support available to assist with installation or any other questions you may have.