Trevor Boeckmann took first place amid a field of 22 other Magic the Gathering players earning an invite to a Star City Games Invitational. To earn your invite, check our schedule of premier events and come play in our next SCG IQ tournament.

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Congratulations to Trevor Boeckmann, winner of Sunday's SCG IQ!

Posted by Gamescape on Sunday, October 30, 2016

Top 8

Rank First Name Last Name Deck
1 Trevor Boeckmann GW Midrange
2 Justin Baker Jeskai Control
3 Devin Boyd GB Delirium
4 David Bollenback RW Vehicles
5 Chris Brown GB Reanimator
6 Abe Pfeffer UW Midrange
7 Neil Thomas BR Zombies
8 Scott Burkhart Bant Midrange